Codes – Brooklyn Bounce (Codes Midnight Mix)Brooklyn Bounce Codes

Codes – Brooklyn Bounce (Codes Midnight Mix)

A refreshing face to see again out of New York, Codes‘ latest release “Brooklyn Bounce” found a great deal of success both within and outside the confines of the underground NYC music scene. Remixing his own release, Codes returns to the plate with the “midnight mix” of the original track, which is essentially a fancy way to say “variation-in-production.” The updated mix serves to revamp the original track by creating a vibe more suited for the dusky dancefloors of Brooklyn’s best clubs. Sporting a less funky and more percussion-focused style, the midnight mix easily outdoes the original and arrives alongside a number of high-profile remixes of Codes’ original tunes from the likes of Sluggers and Jesse Slayter. While the remix LP shines in its entirely, nothing manages to outdo the impressive rework of “Brooklyn Bounce” by the track’s original producer.

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