Crookers – I Just Can’t (Hybrid Theory Remix)Crookers I Just Cant Hybrid Theory Remi Official Artwork

Crookers – I Just Can’t (Hybrid Theory Remix)

Italian house legend, Crookers, linked up with R&B vocalist Jeremih for what will likely be one of the biggest tracks of the coming summer, “I Just Can’t.” The tune is an ultra-catchy house-tempo cut, carried by Jeremih’s infectious hook and smooth lyrical additions. Following up the original with an aced remix effort, Hybrid Theory step in to deliver a more minimal, yet just as catchy take on Crooker’s latest original.

Hybrid Theory piece together wobbly waves of bass with whimsical whistling, working in Jeremih’s bedroom-primed lyrics over their thumping drum rhythms. Holding closely to Crookers’ claps and looped hook, Hybrid Theory offer up their own rendition that accents Crooker’s original mix perfectly.

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