DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 110Smm No Week1

DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 110

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections — old and new — in an attempt to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

1. Galimatias is in a league of his own with his trippy, euphoric blend of R&Bass and downtempo electronica. “Ocean Floor Kisses” is no different.

2. Jason Burns formulates the captivating instrumental, Sarah Winters overlays her tantalizing vocals, and musical magic is created. Their single “Lightweight” shows the best of both musician’s gifted talents.

3. Rising French producer, Fakear, will fly you to foreign lands with his eclectic single, “Morning in Japan,” that pulls together numerous exotic elements to create a one-of-a-kind track.

4. Mako’s progressive house monster, “Our Story,” receives a seriously deep remix from the newly discovered liminl.

5. To take us home, JackLNDN puts his enrapturing house stylings to Lapsley’s “Falling Short” to keep the mood mellow and tranquilizing.

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