Why didn’t ‘Shark Patrol’ make the final cut on Jack Ü’s album?Jack U Hard Summer

Why didn’t ‘Shark Patrol’ make the final cut on Jack Ü’s album?

It has been over a year since Jack Ü made their official debut, and since then, the super group juggernaut has had a choke hold on EDM as Skrillex and Diplo continue to shape the current status quo with their every move. The pair made it clear that they are here to stay after dropping one of the most anticipated albums of the year, followed by an out-of-bounds surprise Ultra performance in Miami backed by a mile-long list of guest stars. But underneath it all, Skrillex and Diplo have linked up to do what they do best together — produce good music. Although when it came to making the final cuts on their joint record, which finished material didn’t make the cut? Just how much material to Skrillex and Diplo still have up their sleeves? It might be more than you think, this latest live teaser might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Originally premiered at Mad Decent Block Party back in 2013, “Shark Patrol” has made occasional appearances in the duo’s sets despite not making it onto the duo’s debut album. The unreleased track is a hair-raising, twisted take on trap music packing snarling waves of bass and piercing sirens. It’s sinister and all too chilling, like a blood-thirsty shark in dark water. One-upping the other trap-step out there like only Jack Ü could, check out Skrillex and Diplo’s latest unreleased monster.

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