Dillon Francis discusses artist albums, his Moombahton EP, and a possible R&B albumDillon Francis1

Dillon Francis discusses artist albums, his Moombahton EP, and a possible R&B album

An artist album is a burdensome challenge. Creating a compilation of songs to describe an artist project at a specific point in their career leaves many anxious with the possibility of fans’ disapproval. Unless you’re Dillon Francis. In an exclusive interview with MTV News, dance music’s class clown opened up to give insight on how he approaches albums, his highly-anticipated Moombahton EP, and a plausible R&B album in the future.

In a mere two minutes, Dillon Francis hits on a multitude of talking points. When discussing his future musical endeavors, he uses the analogy of an album being like gallery showings to showcase himself as an artist. Originally surfacing as a pioneer in the space of moombahton, Francis took a hard left turn when it came to his debut album – Money Sucks, Friends Rule – which showcased his musical capabilities in an assemblage of dance music genres. According to him, this will be the trend moving forward.

With his Moombahton EP in the works, Francis says that although it will be the sound that everyone loves from him, it will be different from the past. It will be a step forward for his moombahton sound rather than a step back. Following the EP, the most shocking talking point of the interview is revealed when Dillon Francis discloses that after falling in love with Drake’s track “Wednesday Night Interlude,” the LA producer will be taking a turn at putting his own Dillon Francis spin on R&B. What could that possibly sound like? Who knows, but what we do know is that Dillon Francis’ future outputs will continue to surprise us at every mile marker.

You can watch the full interview above and hear it from the man himself.

Via: MTV News

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