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Drug and safety woes may put a stop to Camp Bisco 2015

Following multiple teases surrounding the return of Camp Bisco 2015, it looks as though the festival may be thwarted due to drug and safety concerns.  Despite attaining permits to go on as planned, local officials question whether or not the event’s organizers have gone far enough in their plans to ensure attendees’ health and safety, even after 2012’s tragedy. Bisco is still facing heat after Schenectady resident Heather Bynum seized and fell into a coma three years ago because paramedics were too slow to respond.

As a preventative measure, locals encourage Camp Bisco to take out a higher insurance rate and to increase the amount of police officers during the event.

“Safety is paramount to all parties involved,” explained Ken Hays, co-owner of Indian Lookout Country club and founder of Gathering of the Vibes. “We have contracted with Albany Medical Center to have a minimum of three physicians on site and to have an on-site field hospital. We’ve gone far beyond the state-required regulations as they apply to emergency management and keeping everyone safe.”

Despite Hays’ vow for safety, Sherriff Dominic Dagostino feels that the festival’s efforts are too loose: “Camp Bisco has failed to create a zero-tolerance policy towards drug use in the past, and the applicant has not provided any evidence that the proposed 2015 event would mitigate this very serious issue which imperils the health and welfare of the residents and visitors of Schenectady County.”

While Hays is allowed to resubmit his application, he must comply with stricter requirements such as provide 20 officials for traffic control, drug sniffing dogs at the gates and 50 officers dispersed throughout the festival grounds at all times. Stay tuned to Dancing Astronaut for further information regarding Camp Bisco’s return.

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