Duncan Stutterheim steps down from ID&TDuncan Stutterheim Is Uitgedanst Bij ID T Crop

Duncan Stutterheim steps down from ID&T

After 23 years leading ID&T as one of the global festival brand’s founding members, Duncan Stutterheim has announced that he will be leaving the company before the summer is over. In an interview with Volkskrant, Stutterheim acknowledges that he’s too old for the new wave of electronic music, noting that he can appreciateĀ Martin Garrix but he’s certainly not dancing to it. “We just felt we grew out,” Stutterheim explained to the Dutch newspaper “It has to do with the changing music.” The 43-year-old businessman also notes that becoming an employee rather than staying an entrepreneur after the SFX acquisition never felt right; “SFX deserves the energy I had seven years ago.” His last day will coincide with the 15th anniversary of Sensation on July 4th.

Via: Volkskrant