Dusky will only release one vinyl copy of their single ‘Sunsets & Dolphins’Avatars 000109015185 B5r2r6 T

Dusky will only release one vinyl copy of their single ‘Sunsets & Dolphins’

Since the takeover of the digital age, music has been more accessible then ever. Kids can literally scour the Internet for hours sifting through the numerous music outlets to find millions of tracks to pick and choose the one’s they enjoy. Because of this, the nostalgic pleasure in owning an album or single on vinyl seems to be a rare occurrence. Dusky grew up during the age of pirate radio/rave tapes, and have decided to give the millennial youth a chance to experience music how they once did.

“Sunsets & Dolphins” was debuted during Disclosure’s Essential Mix back in August of 2013 and has been on rotation in Dusky’s sets for the past 18 months. The single has accrued an immense amount of positive feedback with its light and dark contrasts painted over the duo’s notoriously addictive percussion rhythms that have lit up international dance floors. The UK pair have now opened a giveaway for fans to receive the only vinyl copy of “Sunsets & Dolphins.” Dusky have uploaded the track on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure, but to enter for a chance to win the sole physical copy of “Sunsets & Dolphins,” check it out here.

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