Everything Everything – Distant Past (Alex Metric Remix)Everything Everything Distant Past Ale Metric Remi

Everything Everything – Distant Past (Alex Metric Remix)

For his latest remix, Alex Metric takes on “Distant Past,” the lead single from Everything Everything’s forthcoming album, Get To Heaven. He reins in the track’s frantic energy, smoothing it out to yield a song that’s more groovy than exhilarating. Elements of the instrumental are still readily apparent in the remix, but only brief snippets of the original’s charmingly chaotic vocals remain. Ultimately, though the remix and the original are tremendously different songs, they’re also both tremendously enjoyable. Few producers would have the guts to so drastically alter a song deemed the hottest record in the world by Zane Lowe; luckily, Alex Metric has both the guts and the skill to pull it off.


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