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Flaxo’s ‘Sleepover EP’ is an inspiring future bass venture

Flaxo, like many artists looking to launch a career today, has kept his talent locked up for a while. Sporting the “artist in development” status, the New York-based producer has been working to hone his skills and shape them to today’s listener preferences while maintaining the original spark that put him on the map to begin with. Having acquired a powerful team in his management to stand behind him, Flaxo has finally launched out of the gate with an ambitious rebranding that replaces harsher and harder trap and dub-inspired beats with euphoric future bass vibes. The artist’s older tendencies shine through at various points on his Sleepover EP, but one thing is for sure: the newly inspired and enlightened Flaxo is here to stay, and we’re certainly not complaining.

The Sleepover EP begins its three song run with the project’s title track, which serves as a brilliant introduction into the mind of Flaxo for new and old listeners alike. “Sleepover” is undeniably an uplifting song that takes advantage of heavy percussion and beautifully designed synths to draw the listener in. After digging through the surface enjoyability of the track, though, fans find an emotionally charged production that draws clear inspiration from Porter Robinson’s Worlds. In a genre that has been infested with cookie-cutter remixes of popular tracks, Flaxo stands out as one of the few loading his soul into the rugged terrain of his work.

Again, in “Warmer Climates,” Flaxo displays his talents in conveying emotion through his electronic productions. Taking sound bytes from what can only be assumed are playgrounds, the artist paints a vivid and euphoric picture of an abyss from his surrounding cityscape. The track reaches its ultimate climax at its conclusion, bringing forth textures delicately crafted to fit the artist’s new stylistic approach to music. In many ways, the track resembles an interlude of sorts, but deserves to be recognized for more than the notion gives it credit for.

The most aggressive track on the EP rolls in with the third and final spot on the tracklist. “Only You” returns to the fierce production style shown on the EP’s first track, “Sleepover,” but with added electro appeal. The ferocious synths on the closing track, when paired with vocal chops and creative percussion undertones, create a more abrasive, yet equally enjoyable sound than its counterparts. As the EP draws to a close, Flaxo’s songwriting abilities once again show why he is deserving of what many are now calling him: one of the most musically gifted and under-appreciated artists in the electronic game right now.

Flaxo succeeds wildly with his latest EP, and leaves the world craving more from the now-blossoming artist. With video pairings available through Flaxo’s site, the Sleepover EP brings forth a level of emotion that is rarely seen in future bass, and is typically reserved for the most highly held talents. It’s safe to say Flaxo’s reign has just begun.

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