German label Tresor recalls Confucio’s latest EP due to plagiarismTresor Linter

German label Tresor recalls Confucio’s latest EP due to plagiarism

Emmanuel Beddewela, better known under his alias, Confucio, appears to have taken advantage of practices such as reworking, sampling and remixing that are highly accepted and utilized in electronic music. The Italian producer was caught red-handed for plagiarism by German imprint Tresor, on which he released his most recent Golden Rule EP. The label was unable to reach Beddewela for comment, but was “made aware” that two of the three records on his EP drew far too many similarities to the work of techno producers Stanislav Tolkachev and Alexey Volkov. In addition to retracting the release entirely, Tresor has also canceled the launch event for the EP.

In taking full responsibility for the err, Tresor confirmed: “The foundation of these tracks come from producers we regularly work with and truly respect, such as Stanislav Tolkachev and Alexey Volkov. We would like to thank them publicly for all their support, understanding and assistance. With the label’s mission being to bring new and exciting releases to our listeners and listening to all the demos we receive, our mistake was to engage an artist we were not entirely familiar with.”

Via: Complete Music Update, Resident Advisor

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