Get Real make their Ultra Music Festival debut: Five tracks you need to knowGet Real

Get Real make their Ultra Music Festival debut: Five tracks you need to know

Get Real make their Ultra Music Festival debut: Five tracks you need to know

Tucked away in a corner of Bayfront Park, just several hundred feet away from the Main Stage, sat Ultra Music Festival’s new Resistance setup. In the same way that Dorothy sensed that she was no longer in Kansas, so too did electronic music zealots feel the wonder of Oz as they explored the new and improved site. The underground-leaning stage, hosting top-of-the-line acts like Maceo Plex, Jamie Jones, and Get Real (Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet), was a result of Ultra’s desire to rebrand itself as a more versatile festival that indulges the tastes of both the underground and main stream.

Acting as the least festival-like stage in all of Ultra’s history, the new soiree achieved what was once viewed as impossible: to make the truest of the true house music fans feel as though they were no longer at Ultra (let alone Miami). The Resistance stage served as a sanctuary for participants seeking to elude the suffocating amount of neon, kandi, and congestion that the festival’s primary areas drew in. Most notable was the festival debut of Get Real, who had only performed three times as an official duo prior to accepting their headlining slot at dance music’s most important festival of the year. These are the top five tracks you need to know from Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet’s Get Real’s set.

Raumakustik - Raider (Original Mix)

The first record of 2015 to be released off of Hot Creation offshoot, Hot Trax, “Raider” also made its way into Get Real’s set as Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet stood in a DJ booth housed within the afterburner’s core. The hypnotizing tune, in sync with blinding strobes and 30 foot bursts of fire spewed from the structure’s tip, sent listeners into sensory overload as they tried to decipher the coalescence of sounds and sights before them.

Worthy - Stars Attack (Will Clarke Remix)

This eerily futuristic record, recently remixed by Will Clarke, was one that raised the hairs on listeners’ necks as they treaded through Get Real’s tech-heavy set. A buzzworthy live performance, therefore, would be difficult to achieve without the taste making influence of Will Clarke’s diversified production style. In delivering Clarke’s touchup of “Stars Attack,” revelers leaped into a state of consciousness in which reality and fantasy became one. Helping to form the set’s backbone, Get Real tipped their hats to an artist whose musical talent knows no bounds.

Breach & Oliver Dollar - Watch Me Work (Original Mix)

Called upon by Claude VonStroke himself to create a tune Dirtybird’s 10-year anniversary, Breach & Oliver Dollar’s end product came to be known as “Watch Me Work” — a sultry tech house record that glazes subtle whispers over sleek harmonies and and cutting grooves. As one of the 14 tracks that the Dirtybird pioneer “fully supports,” “Watch Me Work” served as a reminder that even as one-half of Get Real, Claude’s heart and soul will always be in this “little” project that he spearheaded in his San Francisco home 10 years ago. The VIP area of sorts, situated just steps away from the stage, maintained an elusive presence as those of us on the ground couldn’t help but to sway in tandem with the penetrating beats.

Shiba San - Show Me, Show Me (Original Mix)

Though Shiba San’s “Okay” was one of the most-played tracks of 2014, he has proven through and through his deep-seated talent as a Dirtybird affiliate. His first official single of 2015, “Show Me, Show Me,” is a prime example of his versatility as a producer who strives to create not just for himself, but for the devoted entourage he has picked up since last year’s breakout hit. Carrying both the execution of Claude VonStroke’s loyalty to the brand and Green Velvet’s distinctive tastes, a new life was breathed into onlookers as the fest reached its final minutes.

Green Velvet - Shake & Pop (Original Mix)

It could be argued that “Shake & Pop” redefined Green Velvet’s sound in 2006 when this more lighthearted record emerged in the context of his older, darker house aesthetics. As a nod to Curtis Jones’ earlier days, the crowd drifted between past and present as the pair hovered above us in their alien-like structure. “Shake & Pop” worked seamlessly in the dark and smoky dance floor as a blueish glow emanated from the stage, captivating listeners as they were lured into a timeless dance landscape. With hometown flags flying, cigarettes appropriately positioned at the lip and all eyes on Get Real, it is undeniable that the abundant following the pair drew in felt right at home as they watched the duo’s festival debut in awe.

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