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Good Morning Mix: Revisit DJ EZ’s three-hour Boiler Room mixdown

If the DJ Mag Top100 poll were really about the calibre of DJ skill, DJ EZ would easily dominate its top ten. A proud British export of high-octane DJ sets with a BBC Radio One Essential Mix on the horizon, the Tottenham-born talent remains an undisputed ray of light where technically commandeered sets are concerned. Though more than one year old,  EZ’s three hour Boiler Room set still cuts to the core of why his live experience is still one of the most thrilling on the market. Cutting through R&B throwbacks, prime garage moments, nostalgic house cuts and heavy-footed club records, there are few influential sounds or movements that EZ doesn’t hit on in this extended live showdown. Here’s throwing it back to three hours that anyone with even a basic appreciation for the skill and programming prowess behind a DJ set is going to swoon over.

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