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Here’s where you’ll be able to see The Chemical Brothers live this summer

The Chemical Brothers are back. That much is official. Primed to release their first album in five years, Born in the Echoes, this summer, the duo announced their return last week with ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted.”  The first single from the impending album also serves as the opening record to the 11-track LP (15 tracks via the deluxe edition) which features artists from Q-Tip to Beck.

This much is confirmed, new Chem Bros music is en route — you can bet on that. But how about live performances? Touring? The full-on experience? That too can be expected, and like their new material, it will far exceed 2015’s standards.

As The Chemical Brothers hit the road, their new live experience is being referred to as an “incomparable, hallucinogenic” show. As they broke their silence about Summer 2015 plans last winter, the group said; “We are working on the staging of the live gig at the moment. Adam (Smith) has some amazing ideas. The show will be an intense ride, hold tight.”

So, where can you catch the Chemical Brothers live? Where can you witness this “incomparable, hallucinogenic” live show? As of now, it’ll have to be at music festivals internationally.

Getting started, fans of Europe have something to look forward to sooner than stateside fans. First comes Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain — where they will close out the final night on June 20th. Days laters, there’s Glastonbury, where the group will headline England’s prized festival alongside acts like the Foo Fighters and Kanye West. And, months later, they will return to the area to headline the Isle of Wight’s Bestival in late September.

But how about North America? When will we get our hallucinogenic experience from The Chemical Brothers? As of now, its the West Coast of the United States that is in luck, with their only confirmed appearance on the continent so far being at HARD Summer.

Joining the likes of The Weeknd, Jack Ü and many, many, many more — to say Southern California is in luck may just be an understatement. As of where we’re left today, the East Coast’s Chem Bros craving has yet to be satisfied.

As the group’s run of live performance appear to be strictly and selectively festival performances (so far), that leaves very few options for early summer events and beyond, being that most lineups have been confirmed. If there’s one event that we can speculate on The Chemical Brothers gracing, however it would be Electric Zoo. Zoo was the last festival in the North East that they’ve performed at following 2010’s Further.. Fans were clued in to a possible reunion between The Chemical Brothers and Electric Zoo, and began speculating upon it when the festival tweeted in support of the new Chem Bros music; “Really excited about this new music from our friends @ChemBros!” As had been the case over the course of the previous 6 years, we know E-Zoo to only publicly support artists they’ve booked for festivals on their social channels. While complete speculation, said circumstances point to the case that if The Chemical Brothers are planning for an East Coast performance, it may very well be as headlining Electric Zoo.

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