Identity of ATTLAS finally revealedATTLAS

Identity of ATTLAS finally revealed

The buzz surrounding ATTLAS has been nothing short of prodigious, yet it hasn’t been unwarranted. The mysterious producer first caught our attention by way of an official remix to deadmau5’s “Aural Psynapse.” As the previews for his official EP on mau5trap began to emerge, the speculation as to his identity increased tenfold. It didn’t take long for rumors to circulate that ATTLAS was in fact deadmau5 himself under a new moniker. With plenty of parallels between their artistic styles, it wasn’t the most far-fetched idea to manifest from the blogosphere recently.

Now, however, we can officially put the rumor to bed. Pete Tong revealed the identity of the producer on his Evolution broadcast on iHeartRadio. “There’s been a sneaky suspicion that he’s deadmau5 in disguise,” Tong says. “However I can now reveal that he’s a fellow Canadian producer called Jeff Hartford… He doesn’t just stick to one genre, and he’s inspired by movie soundtracks.”

As it goes, ATTLAS is just a regular guy. But that shouldn’t inhibit any of the hype surrounding him. If his 7-track Siren EP was any indication as to his potential, Jeff Hartford looks to be one of the more talented producers on the rise. With an official backing from deadmau5 and mau5trap, we’re quite certain we’ll be speaking about him again soon.

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