Jauz dominates the Worldwide Stage at Ultra: Five tracks you need to knowIMG 8194

Jauz dominates the Worldwide Stage at Ultra: Five tracks you need to know

Jauz dominates the Worldwide Stage at Ultra: Five tracks you need to know

Bassline house. Jackin’ house. Jauz Step. Whatever you choose to call it, Jauz has pioneered a completely new and refreshing sound to the mainstream of electronic dance music. With deep wubs and enticingly hard-hitting beats, Sam Vogel’s work has attracted attention from, really, everyone working on the harder side of dance music. Following worldwide success from smash hit “Feel the Volume,” which was named one of Dancing Astronaut’s need-to-know tracks that defined Ultra Music Festival 2015, Jauz has toured North America’s largest markets while also hitting the best festivals around. When he took to the Worldwide Stage at Bayfront Park on day three of this year’s Ultra Music Festival, there was no question that he deserved his recent viral success – and more.

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Aretha Franklin - (Pride) A Deeper Love (Jauz Remix)

Beginning his set with a number of familiar tracks including his recent re-fix of Dillon Francis’ work on “Some Chords,” Jauz wasted no time getting to the unreleased material as he whipped out his new Aretha Franklin remix. While the combination of violent deep synths and Aretha Franklin’s classic voice may seem unusual on the surface, the track succeeds wildly, and induced a massive crowd roar when it was played out. “A Deeper Love” unquestionably conveys the essential Jauz sound as one of the artist’s highly anticipated unreleased jam.


GotSome - Bassline (Drezo Remix)

The acapella of GotSome’s “Bassline” has attracted a large number of artists to try their own hand at remixing the track, and few have found the sweet spot in the vocal-production juxtaposition as Drezo. The rising talent out of Los Angeles has already found support from the likes of the internationally known Dillon Francis (or DJ Hanzel), and most recently found Jauz playing his production out at Ultra. The track contains the vital dark synths that Jauz crafts his sets around, and Drezo’s production stood out as a departure from Jauz’s signature synths.

Jauz - ID (Rock the Party)

This unreleased track has yet to receive an official name, yet “Rock The Party” immediately comes to mind given the track’s acapella. As the track drops, relentless chops stand out as a sign of the artist’s mastery in production, which set the Ultra Music Festival crowd off. The production drops shortly into a break-beat, trap-influenced section before being cut off by the set’s curator to progress to further unidentified ground.

Jauz - Feel The Volume VIP (feat. Fatman Scoop)

There was no shortage of talk surrounding Jauz’s “Feel The Volume” during the last weekend of March in Miami’s Bayfront Park as the track proved to be one of the most played tunes for the whole weekend, but Jauz had even more planned to supplement the now months-old production. With a fresh facelift on the original, Jauz introduced a Fatman Scoop-assisted variation-in-production (VIP) of “Feel The Volume.” The track explores a number of different genres, from trap to dubstep, while maintaining the integrity of the original track. Fans have been scrambling to figure out who’s remix this track may be, but the world can now rest easy; you’ll have to look no further than the track’s original producer. The dancefloor’s occupants were so involved in the set that they actually participated in the high-five and hug instructions provided by Fatman Scoop.

Skrillex x Jauz - ID (feat. Fatman Scoop)

There’s something about the combination of Jauz and Fatman Scoop that just works – and Skrillex’s work on a track never hurts. Jauz let the crowd know that his last track would be a fresh Skrillex collab, and the energy at the Worldwide Stage reached new heights as the bounce-inspired production took hold of the crowd. While the track rip is briefly interrupted by Jauz’s desire to grab a picture of his debut UMF performance, we finally receive a high quality cut of the highly anticipated collaboration between dance music’s newest hype and its classic curator. The track certainly doesn’t disappoint, and was an excellent way to close out Jauz’s impressive mid-day performance.

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