Katie Couric interviews Steve Aoki about his roots, ‘Neon Future,’ and cake-ingKatie Couric Steve Aoki

Katie Couric interviews Steve Aoki about his roots, ‘Neon Future,’ and cake-ing

To the community of seasoned electronic music fans, Steve Aoki’s antics may sometimes seem wildly over-the-top, but from an outside perspective, the Dim Mak label head’s performances have garnered quite a bit of attention — even enough to draw in famed journalist personality, Katie Couric. In Citi’s newest ‘Backstage’ series, Couric sat down with Steve to dig a bit deeper into his roots in “electro house,” as she says, and find out more about his cake tradition.

“I introduced the cake in 2011,” Steve explains, after Couric laughs while asking about his signature sheet cake move. “A couple months later, people were holding ‘cake me’ signs. When you see someone getting caked, you can’t not be a part of it. You have to participate, you have to watch. During my show, I want to have all the attention on the experience.”

Moving onwards to his forthcoming albumĀ Neon Future II, Steve shares that the LP will retain a space theme throughout. Even bringing in JJ Abrams, director of Star Wars, and Kip Thorne of Interstellar, he goes on to mention appearances from Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park, NERVO, Matthew Koma and many more.

The last bit of the interview shows a hilarious bit of Steve Aoki teaching Katie Couric how to use his equipment. Couric goes on to say that he should bring her along for his next show, to which he replies “You know what that’s called? A back-to-back. Steve Aoki back-to-back with Katie Couric.”

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