Knife Party enlist Tom Morello for their newest hell-raiserKnifeParty Press

Knife Party enlist Tom Morello for their newest hell-raiser

News recently broke that Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello was teaming up with Skrillex and Jahil Beats, but that wouldn’t be the last we’d hear about Mr. Morello around here, as it now appears Tom’s dip into the EDM space goes a little further.

At Kingsday Festival, Knife Party decided to crowd-test a new piece that they have been creating with Morello, and although grainy cell phone footage is the only trace of the track that we have so far, the upcoming collaboration is already proving to be an aggressive roof-raiser.

The track is a perfectly clangy barrage of sharp snare hits, piercing sirens, and snarling waves of bass. Morello’s contribution to the Knife Party collaboration is much clearer too as he delivers a plucky guitar riff before Knife Party pipe in with heavy-handed dubstep madness.

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Via: Reddit /r/knifeparty

Photo Credit: Rukes

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