Kölsch readies sophomore Kompakt album ‘1983’ for June 8 releaseKolsch 1983

Kölsch readies sophomore Kompakt album ‘1983’ for June 8 release

Melodic techno maestro Kölsch set a rare precedent for electronic albums with 1977, a highly personal debut album for Cologne’s Kompakt Records back in 2013. Following the successful transition from his radio-savvy Rune RK moniker and a successful re-birth as an Ibiza stalwart, the Danish heavyweight — who successfully took the pop out of Coldplay — will release his second full-length EP 1983 on June 8.

Once again hinging on the personal experiences of Rune Reilly Kölsch, inaugural single and Essential New Tune “Cassiopea” set the bar considerably high for Kölsch’s return to the LP format, with double-strike EP Speicher 84 furthering expectations of another landmark offering. 1983 welcomes back the familiar melancholic collaborator Gregor Schwellenbach, as well as first time rides from WhoMadeWho’s Thomas Høffding and WAA Industry. With the promise of more grillwork keys, vintage synth mainuplation, epic ascending beat symphonies and all those dramatics that made his debut outing so memorable, Kölsch looks to secure yet another oddball career landmark just in time for time for the Ibiza summer run.

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