Check out the first episode of Major Lazer’s animated television seriesMajor Lazer 222

Check out the first episode of Major Lazer’s animated television series

Diplo‘s Major Lazer project has taken many shapes and forms since its inception, continually cycling through group members and performance themes since it began in 2009. The one constant however remains the animated semi-cyborg freedom fighter character, who’s mission is striving for peace in a dystopian future world of ruin.

After months of hype, the motif that has been central to the Major Lazer project as a whole has now become its own cartoon, expanding the Major Lazer story into its own serialized saga just in time for one of pop culture’s favorite holidays coming up on April 20th. The first episode of the Major Lazer cartoon aired this past week on FXX, and for those who didn’t catch the premiere, the entire first episode is now available for your viewing pleasure.

The pilot episode brings the viewer into the first real look at the futuristic, post-apocalyptic world that Major Lazer is sworn to protect. And although the future includes ray guns and hover boards, the future in Jamaica still includes smoking a ton of marijuana. In fact, aside from Major Lazer flexing his ultra-cool crime fighting skills, the entire debut episode was pretty much about getting really, really stoned. So if you’re a fan of Diplo’s dance hall triumverate, or you’re just someone who enjoys smoking pot and watching cartoons, FXX’s Major Lazer cartoon is exactly what you need.

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