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Lucky Charmes – Skank (Original Mix)

Not to be mistaken for your favorite sugar-filled, marshmallowy, magically delicious childhood cereal, Lucky Charmes is Musical Freedom’s newest young recruit with a breakthrough record on his hands.

That track is “Skank,” and it leads a diverse bedding of sounds that both appeases the current demand for dance stylings and distinguishes itself as something refreshing to the same audience.

“Skank” is deeper yet more filling than today’s strain of neo-house; tribal energy that’s ironically minimal yet maximally effective. Lucky Charmes takes the coveted “tribal” nature of EDM’s popular avenues but defies its clichés with his own such flavor — and with that he manages the track’s pace through and through, supplying the rhythm with heat where needed to command crowd attention.

Release Date: April 13th

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