Maceo Plex headlines the Resistance Stage at Ultra: Five tracks you need to knowMaceo Ple

Maceo Plex headlines the Resistance Stage at Ultra: Five tracks you need to know

Maceo Plex headlines Resistance on Day One: Five tracks you need to know

There’s no denying that the Resistance Stage had a lot to live up to once Ultra Music Festival Day 1 commenced. The stage intended to orchestrate an experience where festival-goers could “go against the grain” and lose themselves to the entrancing sounds of the underground’s finest. From the premium supply of acts, Maceo Plex transcended all expectations in the short time slot of an hour. Here are five tracks that defined his debut as the first Resistance Stage headliner.

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Maceo Plex - Conjure Sex (Original Mix)

With pyrotechnics and a mechanical structure to support his sublime stage presence, Maceo Plex confidently stepped behind the decks with a close-knit crowd to supply an initial well of energy. He established a provocative vibe right from the get-go, and elegantly transitioned into his tantalizing single, “Conjure Sex.” The dark pad oscillations in began a perilous hour long journey that no soul could escape.

Sam Paganini - Rave

To preserve his driving intro, the Barcelona-based behemoth kept the dark atmosphere he originally instilled and heightened it even further with “Rave” by Sam Paganini. The infectious tune exemplifies the classic warehouse track that is meant to keep the crowd running hours on end. Despite the outdoor environment, Maceo Plex blurred attendees’ perceptions of time and space with the simple yet sophisticated rhythmic elements of Paganini’s single.

Kai Anschau - Naked feat. Mallory N. (Original Mix)

Swinging the festival’s mood upward, Maceo Plex’s next flavorful weapon came in the form of Kai Anschau’s “Naked.” The effervescent piece balances a misty bass line with mesemeric vocal loops that teeter on the line between light and dark. The change of pace by Maceo Plex allowed the crowd to slightly slow their journey before his tenacious home stretch.

Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Remix)

After a much needed recess, the Spanish wizard returned to the haunting mood he initially established with Alter Ego’s remix of “Hypercommunication.” The glitchy, analog-driven track catered impeccably to the Resistance atmosphere. Scraping tones coupled with grinding synth progressions, Maceo Plex paved the way to finish his duty as the warlock of hypnosis.

Röyksopp - Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)

The final minutes of Maceo Plex’s descent back down to reality were lead by his personal rework of Rökysopp’s “Sordid Affair.” Executing creative mixing effects, the underground magician transformed his celestial production into a two-faced beast that left fans only wanting more when the end befell upon the grounds. Ultimately, Maceo Plex transcended the expectations laid upon him as the first headliner of the Resistance Stage, and his performance undoubtedly solidified a new wave of fans.

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