Madeon reveals the tracks that inspired his debut albumDSC 3361

Madeon reveals the tracks that inspired his debut album

At just 20 years old, Madeon already sits atop the electronic music world. The French producer released his debut album Adventure on March 31, only for it to shoot straight to the top of Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart soon after. Entertainment Weekly recently enlisted Hugo Leclercq — the man behind the moniker — to share a playlist of his inspirations for the album.

As you’d expect from the direction of Adventure, the playlist features its fair share of pop-oriented songs, albeit sonically rich singles from the likes of Para One, Say Lou Lou, and M83.

Kanye West’s “Champion” from Graduation makes an appearance, which Madeon confesses: “That album, on first listen, became one of my top three favorite albums ever.”

There’s plenty of Future Classic talent on the playlist too, from Flume to Hayden James. Madeon specifically noted: “Flume was super exciting to me because it showed a wide, uncharted territory of electronic music that hadn’t really been explored before.”

Lastly, Hugo’s good friend Porter Robinson makes an appearance with “Divinity,” the album-opener from Worlds. Madeon recalls first hearing the track: “We were making our albums around the same time, so we were sending each other demos and ideas, and he sent me ‘Divinity’ quite a long time ago, long before it was released, and I remember being really, really impressed and really excited by it and how fresh and exciting it sounded, how much identity it had.”

Check out the entire playlist:

Via: Entertainment Weekly

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