Miss Velvet – Cincinatti Street (Pnau Remix)Miss Velvet Cincinatti Street Pnau Remi

Miss Velvet – Cincinatti Street (Pnau Remix)

Australian-to-Los Angeles transplants, Pnau, are just about ready to wrap on their 6th studio album. Already renowned for their past work including an LP¬†with Elton John, the Aussie duo keep the hype train running with an interim remix of Miss Velvet’s “Cincinatti Street.” Despite the strange source material, Pnau manage to craft a menacing and morose industrial soundscape around the indie pop vocals. Horror film worthy keys and a driven electronica backbone turn “Cincinatti Street” into a cybernetic hellscape that shifts and sways atop a phasing sub bass and electro¬†touches.

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