OwnPhones could be the future of wireless, customizable earbudsOwnphones

OwnPhones could be the future of wireless, customizable earbuds

How many times have you been at the gym listening to music and you make one wrong move that hits the cord killing the music and your pump? How cool would it be to customize your own wireless headphones with 10,000 possible combinations to choose from? Well, OwnPhones looks to make this a reality with their recently commenced Kickstarter campaign.

OwnPhones are wireless, customizable earbuds that use Bluetooth technology to send your favorite music directly to your ears without the hassle of cords. The company uses 3D printing technology to create the product after consumers use their smartphones to scan their ears via short videos, which then sends that data to OwnPhones’ database where they will then process the information into physical earbuds that mold exactly to your personal ear framework. With the unique structure to each person’s ear, the OwnPhones earbuds are reluctant to fall out of place and are also noise-canceling to remove any excess sounds from entering your eardrums.

With over 10,000 style combinations and endorsements from various elite media outlets including Business Insider and Yahoo!, OwnPhones could possibly be the pioneer in the next wave of earbud technology. The company is currently looking for donations on the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, to continue their research and development of their product.

The campaign will be open for another 40 days and full details on OwnPhones can be found here.


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