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Que – OG Bobby Johnson (Lazy Boyz Remix)

Lazy Boyz is the side project of overnight trap superstar Party Thieves and friend AMTNB, and the productions coming from the new collaborative are remarkably consistent. Their newest release, a remix of the dated “OG Bobby Johnson,” provides a creative and enthusiasticly refreshed soundscape for the vocal to slide over. Taking a different approach than many of their peers, Lazy Boyz don’t attempt to overshadow the original’s vocals. Rather, they manage to simply change the original track’s atmosphere entirely, turning it up a notch – perhaps two. While one wouldn’t claim Que to be the most clever of vocalists, “OG Bobby Johnson” held its weight in the electronic music scene as many of the world’s top DJs kept the track in their routine set rotation and you can expect it to return once again thanks to the Lazy Boyz.

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