Route 94 – My Love (Synchronice Remix)Route 94 My Love Synchronice Remi

Route 94 – My Love (Synchronice Remix)

By this point, everyone should know the song “My Love” by Route 94. The single topped the UK Singles chart taking down Pharrell’s “Happy” and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be,” and has also been remixed more times than you can count on your appendages. Among the plethora of “My Love” remakes, only a few have really stuck out as standout transformations, and the latest comes from brother-producer duo Synchronice and their future bass rework.

The catchy vocals tip toe their way into the airspace backed by a delicate piano line that is then armored by a chaotic selection of drums. Bold and exultant, Synchronice tame the turbulent nature of future bass and implement truly unique accents — they implement a piano and drum bridge to connect the first and second halves of the track for example. Although the track is over a year old, Synchronice revitalizes the catchiness of “My Love” into a colorful future bass product.

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