Skrillex returns to the Guitar Hero soundtrack for game’s latest installmentSkrille Bonnarroo Superjam 2014

Skrillex returns to the Guitar Hero soundtrack for game’s latest installment

Consider the term, “rockstar.” Is the word still limited to the classic vision of some band’s front man or lead guitarist moving a crowd of people with just as much bravado and finesse as musical talent? Hopefully not anymore. Today’s rockstars come in all shapes and sizes, and now a lot of them are wielding CDJs up there for the world to see. The modern day DJ/producer now embodies the term rockstar just as well as Mick Jagger or Dave Grohl do. And underneath it all, most of today’s top-name DJs and producers are also decorated, knowledgeable musicians; take Skrillex for example.

Bred in the world of hardcore punk rock, dance music would have no Skrillex if Sonny Moore didn’t find his humble beginnings plucking guitar strings with a live mic in front of him. Now Sonny is showing his roots a little, as he returns to Guitar Hero’s latest soundtrack. The famed video game is upping the ante with their newest edition, Guitar Hero Live, where gamers will actually be performing in front of huge, virtual, reactive crowds on screen. The new game’s soundtrack includes a wide range of rockers making today’s headlines, from the Black Keys to Ed Sheeran, with Skrillex representing the only electronic artist on GHL’s upcoming soundtrack.

And although Skrillex’s music has been featured on past versions of the game, the guitarist at heart will be right at home on this year’s upcoming Guitar Hero Live soundtrack.


Photo Credit: John Durgee

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