SoundCloud partners with YouTube’s copyright detection companySoundcloud Logo

SoundCloud partners with YouTube’s copyright detection company

The company behind YouTube’s copyright detection software has now been tasked with doing the same for SoundCloud. While the move will not necessarily result in a plethora of takedown notices, part of Zefr’s draw for content distributors is that the company lets the copyright owners claim content as their own and start selling advertisements from it.

SoundCloud already has a copyright infringement system in place, making Zefr’s second feature an important part of the arrangement. Zefr also provides analytics that can be useful to copyright owners by assisting them in determining what type of content that users are enjoying and of course, what content makes the most money. SoundCloud began an advertisement push earlier this year and with the new partnership in effect it looks the company’s efforts towards greater financial rewards may soon be paying off.

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