Tidal places emphasis on independent artists with ‘Tidal Rising’Tidal

Tidal places emphasis on independent artists with ‘Tidal Rising’

Ever since the launch of Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal, many have been quick to scrutinize the platform for preventing underground and independent artists from reaping the benefits they rightfully deserve. Mumford & Sons, Lilly Allen, and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie are a few examples of artists disappointed in the service’s lack of appreciation for smaller musicians.

As a response to many artists’ disapproval, Tidal has unveiled “Tidal Rising:” a new category beneath “What’s New” that emphasizes growing musicians. Users can browse Tidal Rising by album or by track, which will maximize the discovery of today’s more concealed talent such as GoldLink, Kehlani and Joywave. The roster of artists will change each week and will not discriminate against one genre or another.

Further updates to Tidal include more strategic organization of videos across the web player and mobile apps, as well as new linking and sharing functions.

Click here to browse Tidal Rising.

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