DA’s #Voiced: ‘A Blurred String of Memories’ by Ferry CorstenFerrymem

DA’s #Voiced: ‘A Blurred String of Memories’ by Ferry Corsten

Dancing Astronaut is welcoming artists to take their voices into their own hands and to speak up on current issues, hot topics, and blasts from the past. Kicking off our ‘as told by’ style platform, Ferry Corsten tells a tale that explains an infamous picture that includes himself, Pete Tong, Madonna and others seated together at a round table over 15 years ago. Ferry relives a favorite memory as inspired by the new New World Punx project “Memories” — part 2 to come from Markus Schulz.

A Blurred String of Memories, by Ferry Corsten

It’s 1999 and I just finished the production of Gouryella with Tiesto which got signed to Warner Records. Sometime later I got invited to visit the Warner Offices where I met Tony Mc Guinness. Nice fellow, who later on proceeded his career as part of Above & Beyond.

He asked me if I would like to remix one of the tracks of the new album of William Orbit. This was the album called “Pieces in a Modern Style.”

I picked ”Adagio For Strings.”

At one point William Orbit William had just finished production on the Ray Of Light album by Madonna and invited me to spin some tunes on the release party.

The party was at a small dark hipster club in Soho called Chinawhite (I think).

So I played my set in this DJ booth which was the only thing lit up by lights beams coming at me like that scene in Close Encounters of the Third kind.

Out of the this ray of light, I see Pete Tong walking up to me asking if I want to join him and William and some of their friends for drinks after my set. I was honored, seeing as the guy was as big of an influence then as he is now.

Blinded by the light (I will stop with the song reverences now) I sat down at Pete’s table to recover.

With one wave I said hi to all the shadows at the table. At that point a photographer shouted hey and took a picture with extra flash (do the Green Velvet reverence yourself).

I could only see stars after that, left the table and called it a night.

Two days later a buddy of mine called and told me to check out the Sun Newspaper, which I did.

There I was, like a rabbit in the headlights, sitting at a table with some influential individuals .

It’s funny how a memory can be so far from the reality.

DA’s #Voiced: ‘A Blurred String of Memories’ by Ferry CorstenFerrymem

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