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YouTube to launch ad-free subscription service

Joining the website’s new Music Key streaming service, YouTube has announced its plans to launch another subscription-based service over the next few months. While Music Key was the company’s response to streaming companies such as Spotify, Beats Music, and now Tidal, the industry heavyweight isn’t done yet.

Creators of the website’s most popular channels have been informed that the new service will come with ad-free videos and the ability put content behind a wall so that only premium subscribers can watch. It’s being reported that YouTube will take 45% of all ad revenue being generated, while dividing the remaining percentage to partners based on how much time viewers spend watching a channel. Alongside YouTube for Artists, which was launched earlier this year, the tech-juggernaut’s latest addition to its arsenal has the potential to help content creators while continuing to push its business endeavors forward.

Via: Factmag

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