Zedd returns to his complextro roots on new single ‘Addicted to Memory’Zedd 2015

Zedd returns to his complextro roots on new single ‘Addicted to Memory’

Say what you will about Zeddlena and Anton’s current dance-pop incarnation, but the guy lead a wave of electro house (along with a young Porter Robinson) that practically defined the early days of the EDM explosion. A far cry from his work with Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga, Zedd burst onto the scene with a gritty and heavy-handed approach to electro that was so spastic and raw that fans dubbed it “complextro.” A seemingly haphazard array of samples, apreggios, and ham-fisted synths, Zedd’s early work (think “Dovregrubben” or even Clarity’s “Shave It Up”) ignited dancefloors instead of radio stations back in 2011. Four years later and the softspoken, classically-trained talent has significantly increased his profile and, at times, even his sound. The latest track from his forthcoming True Colors album finds Anton combining the old with the new for the single “Addicted to Memory.” Merging his complextro roots with his newfound talent for crafting radio-ready pop, Zedd enlists the help of LA trio Bahari to provide the pop hooks for his electro return.

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