Watch 11-year-old Black Summer perform his first festival setToms

Watch 11-year-old Black Summer perform his first festival set

Nine-year-old Julia Wolfe is not the only youngster considered a member of the electronic music community. Australia-bred electronic music producer Rhys Toms, who performs under the alias Black Summer, performed his first festival gig last weekend at Canberra’s Groovin The Moo festival. Toms is 11 years old.

One would assume that a child is incapable of captivating a 10,000-strong crowd, but the dubstep/bass-inspired producer proudly held down an emphatic sea of fans as Zan Rowe invited him on stage for a surprise set.

Toms was first discovered when he created a Triple J ‘Unearthed’ profile under his stage name, though it wasn’t until his original track “Dark Times, Bright Lights” was played out on the station that he began to take off. Having played music for the past six years since his parents gifted him with proper equipment, Rhys readies himself for his first full-length festival debut in the coming years.

As of late, the fledgling producer has been recognized by hometown hero Flume and deadmau5. And yet Rhys already finds himself responding to critics, but they will likely dissipate after being reminded that they are attacking a kid half their size.

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