5 things we learned about Alesso’s ‘Forever’ from his track-by-track break downAlesso15.png

5 things we learned about Alesso’s ‘Forever’ from his track-by-track break down

Forever has been a long-awaited project that finally landed earlier this month after just about a year of patience from loyal, but hungry fans of Swedish talent Alesso. We picked our favorites off the album and were quick to notice the storytelling element that effortlessly weaved the entire track list together. But what better way to truly comprehend the journey through Forever than a dive behind the making of each track from the producer himself? We picked the top 5 most interesting stories behind the tunes of Forever.

“Profondo” was destined to be the album’s introduction.

“‘Profondo’ is the intro for my live shows. I just thought, what could be more real than putting the actual intro on the album? It just felt real to do that, rather than just starting with another track or your biggest track.”

“Payday” was inspired by a video game.

“[‘Payday’ is] energetic and up-tempo, yet it has its cool, mysterious feeling to it. The break kind of gives you a “religious” feeling. But mainly it was to create the song for this video game, Payday. They asked me if I wanted to do this collaboration, and I’m a big video gamer myself, so that was a dream to do something like that.”

“Tear the Roof Up” is his homage to the underground.

“I hadn’t produced a track like that for a really long time. I had been putting out singles, and it had been a long time since I put out something that was very rave-ish and underground, really. I started making crazy beats and eventually that track came about. I love that track a lot because its very different than all of the other songs that I produced before.”

He first began to create “Destinations” in Tokyo.

“‘Destinations’ is an instrumental song that I started making when I was in Tokyo. I wanted to make a song that kind of described where I am and how much I travel and all of these beautiful places I get to visit. I wanted to make a track dedicated to this incredible journey that I have been fortunate enough to have; meeting people, experiencing different cultures.”

You can thank Alesso’s dad and his love of classical music for “Immortale.”

“I’ve always been a fan of classical music or orchestral music and songs that are played in movies. I always wanted to try to do something like that because my dad used to play a lot of that kind of music to me when I was younger. I just wanted to give it a go and not end the album in the most obvious way. I wanted to end it with something that I felt was powerful to me and to describe through the music my journey. You go through good and bad things in life, but in the end time heals all wounds.”

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