5 things we learned about Skrillex during his Annie Mac One-On-One-OffSkrille Press

5 things we learned about Skrillex during his Annie Mac One-On-One-Off

Skrillex is no stranger to being in the limelight. His every move is closely followed by his legions of die hard fans, desperate for new music and insight into the life of one of EDM’s biggest stars. There’s solo Skrillex, the dubstep forebearer who launched a genre and a thousand drops. There’s the label leader and tastemaker behind OWSLA and NEST HQ. And then there’s Jack U, the superduo side project alongside Diplo that brought Justin Bieber into the EDM world. As one of the hardest working guys in electronic music, Sonny stands as one of the most interesting, exciting and down-to-earth artists in the genre today. Annie Mac recently sat down with Skrillex in the BBC 1 studio to share some music, his future plans, and some personal and heart-breaking anecdotes from the undisputed king of bass music. Here are 5 things we learned from his time spent with Annie as they go back-to-back sharing their favorite tunes.

He sees sounds as colors. It’s a condition called synesthesia; to him “Take U There” is yellow.

“I see music in weird shapes and textures.”

He’s been touring non-stop for 10 years. From his time in From First to Last to present day, Sonny hasn’t taken any time off and his crew has become his family.

“It’s all about the family you have around you.”

He makes his best music on the road.

“I feel nomadic, I always have. My greatest ideas come out of me in a car, rather than in a studio.”

His mom recently passed away but he’s remained optimistic.

“I really appreciate living right now, you know?”

His list of works in progress is seemingly never-ending.

“I’m just working on a lot of stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of writing sessions with a lot of different people. OG Maco, Keith Ape, A$AP Ferg”

Listen to the full interview on BBC Radio 1. The interview begins at 1:32:00.