Apple’s new Beats-based streaming service to launch next monthBeats Apple

Apple’s new Beats-based streaming service to launch next month

The name ‘Apple Music’ might become a thing pretty soon — at least, that’s what 9to5Mac believes.

A while back, the tech behemoth behind the world’s most popular smart devices announced an upcoming Beats-based streaming music service with profound social networking integration to connect artists with their fans. According to industry sources, the service will allow artists to manage their own pages within for sharing photos, music samples, updates and videos. On the surface, it sounds a little bit like what Myspace has become, except it isn’t. For one, there’s the idea that with a monolith like Apple behind it, popularity among audiences won’t be a problem. In addition to serving as a platform for audience-fan connection, the service will also allow artists to share each other’s content and cross-promote other talent on their pages.

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Users with iTunes accounts will be able to comment on and like artists’ posts, but similarly to iTunes’s discontinued Ping feature, only the artists get to have their own social network profiles. The streaming service will center around artists’ activity. Control, however, is also a major component: users who don’t want their feed overcrowded can disable the activity feature in the service’s Restriction Settings panel.

Some sources maintain that the ‘Apple Music’ service will allow users to port over existing Beats Music cloud libraries, due to overlapping integration with the redesigned iOS 8.4 Music application. iTunes Radio and iTunes Match will be retained, however. The service will offer various curation, organization and playlist features similar to Beats’s existing music application, but the design will be all Apple. It will be introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Kickoff keynote on June 8. Users will be able to purchase the service (or opt for its free trial option) in late June.

Via: 9to5Mac

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