Avicii releases ‘Feeling Good’ music video for Volvo’s ‘New Beginnings’Volvo

Avicii releases ‘Feeling Good’ music video for Volvo’s ‘New Beginnings’

New Avicii single “Feeling Good” has come our way — a feel good (pun intended) cover of Nina Simone. Revisiting the classic with frequent collaborator Audra Mae, the latest is just another step towards the Swedish producer’s sophomore album Stories. Teaming up with Volvo for their New Beginnings campaign, Tim and the Swedish auto brand have come together for a creative partnership that is first resulting in a music video. The visuals for “Feeling Good” spotlights Tim’s inner circle, close friends and families.

Here’s what the man himself had to say about the campaign launch:

“In the past six years I have been on a never-ending tour, apart for the last nine months during my time-out. I did around 325 shows in a year with traveling on top of that. It couldn’t continue. In the end I had to re-evaluate my situation and change my lifestyle. Sweden is an important place to me, it’s where I gather my strength and energy with family and friends. This whole process of re-evaluation and renewal is what Volvo encouraged me to visualise in the music video. I think we did a great job together.”

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