Boys Noize and Tiga finally team up for ‘100’TigavsBoysNoize100

Boys Noize and Tiga finally team up for ‘100’

Two of dance music’s electro pioneers, Boyz Noize and Tiga have spent years rubbing shoulders, remixing each others work and even sharing the same label Gigolo Records. Despite all that, the duo have never properly collaborated, that is until now. As part of BNR’s 10 year celebration, the electro pioneers first studio effort “100” arrives in devastating form, a haze of Boys Noize’s industrial electro and “Buggati”-style verses from Tiga. Far from the obvious and overdone tropes of EDM, the pair stay true to their art, forging a techno haymaker of esoteric drum programming and the acid house touch that Alex Ridha has mastered so many times in his illustrious career.

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