DA Premiere: Suara ‘Stay’ on-point with debut EP from Bastian BuxSuara 178 1000p

DA Premiere: Suara ‘Stay’ on-point with debut EP from Bastian Bux

Coyu’s Suara imprint isn’t just in the business of championing the cream of the underground house crop — it can now be found inaugurating its next swell of European talent. Inviting Bastian Bux for his debut EP this month, the mysterious producer turned increasingly-respected DJ launches onto the label with a versatile four-track installment for an imprint yet to drop the ball here in 2015.

Where namesake EP A-side “Stay” hits the middle ground between murky progressive vibes and tempered tech house, the percussive and scattered lead work of “Beside” builds from the ground upwards on Bastian’s signature amalgamative sound. “Synera” takes a little longer to warm up, but inevitably proves that catchy melodic leads on a minimal background don’t need to come in the form of tedious tropical house repertoire, leaving “Mullberry” to cap things off with a suitably classy yet low-end favoring climax to this triumphant first run.

It’d be so easy for a label like Suara to cash in on the electronic dance world’s thirst for anything remotely underground and left-of-field, but their consistent upping of the ante cannot be ignored. A stunning debut from the relatively unknown Bastian Bux points to an appetite for disruption and quality that speaks of a label doing everything in its power to secure a promising future for the genre.

Release Date: May 18 

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