DA Premiere: Brandyn Burnette – I Wanna Be Free (Haides Remix)I Wanna Be Free Haides Remi Brandyn Burnette

DA Premiere: Brandyn Burnette – I Wanna Be Free (Haides Remix)

London’s newest export, Haides, adds another stellar work to his growing catalog of musical efforts with a remix of Brandyn Burnette’s “I Wanna Be Free.” Brandyn Burnette is a blossoming singer/songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri, quickly gaining attention due to his mature, emotive vocal talent. Calling upon Haides to give the first dance-centric touch to his latest output, Burnette’s voice effortlessly melds to the house environment. Fostering effervescent synth progressions amidst a rolling percussion backbone, Haides retains the raw power of Burnette’s lyrical affect whilst handsomely building a resilient support system to introduce the singer’s musical adaptability. This noteworthy joint effort opens up a window of opportunity for both artists to take their career to the next step.

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