deadmau5 previews re-imagined Kaskade collaboration ‘Beneath 02’Deadmau5 Honda 1200p 17 Of 23

deadmau5 previews re-imagined Kaskade collaboration ‘Beneath 02’

Less than a week ago deadmau5 previewed the tentatively titled “Beneath With Me.” A stirring collaboration alongside Kaskade, the short snippet placed a melancholic top line over some tried-and-true deadmau5 chordplay, reminiscent of the pair’s past collaborations “I Remember” and “Move For Me.” Like all of deadmau5’s projects, “Beneath With Me” is being reborn in a variety of styles as Joel creates and experiments with new moods, tones, and synthesizers — we’re just here to act as the test subjects in his mad electronic music laboratory. This new snippet “Beneath 02” swaps out the flighty synths for a slow-moving, brightly-colored techno instrumental. Which version do you prefer?

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