Dirtcaps – Fools Paradise feat. Rochelle (Original Mix)Dirtcaps Feat Rochelle Fools Paradise

Dirtcaps – Fools Paradise feat. Rochelle (Original Mix)

Dutch DJ and MC trio Dirtcaps has teamed up with Dutch vocalist Rochelle for the strong trap-inspired ballad,”Fools Paradise.” Infused with electro house energy and crashing bass drops, the tune is everything you’d want to hear at peak hours in a big room set. Warm and full-bodied, Rochelle’s one-of-a-kind vocals keep the tune grounded and emotionally-charged. Raw and aggressive, it’s the perfect soundtrack for the video, which features Rochelle and a team of gorgeous dancers in a post-apocalyptic ‘paradise.’  Both the track and video for “Fools Paradise” are currently available for streaming via Spotify and Youtube, as well as for purchase on iTunes and other digital retailers via Young Elephants.

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