DJ Shadow & G Jones are behind Nite School KlikDJ Shadow

DJ Shadow & G Jones are behind Nite School Klik

Since releasing its debut “Posse” on DJ Shadow‘s Liquid Amber imprint last month, production duo Nite School Klik has been shrouded in mystery. After weeks of audience speculation, DJ Shadow finally revealed that the outfit is collaborative project between himself and 23-year-old producer G Jones.

He told Billboard in an interview that he first came across his would-be production partner while looking for music to use in his sets. “It was kind of serendipitous,” he said. After discovering G Jones’s music on German label Saturate, Shadow reached out and asked him to open for him at a show in Seattle. “We chatted backstage, and as soon as I had a chance to do something with him in a meaningful way, I did.”

“He just came over with some samples on a hard drive he wanted to work with, so we loaded them up in Ableton and started working on tunes,” G Jones said about the first time he and Shadow began seriously collaborating. “Going into it, I didn’t really know what to expect because he’s a legendary artist I looked up to for a long time. But it was pretty similar to working with my friends in that he’s a super chill and approachable guy,” he said. “He has a whole different perspective on composition and making electronic music.”

The idea of rolling out the project as a mystery duo was Shadow’s idea. According to G Jones, the idea was genius. “We could get the music out there, and kind of be stoked on it not just through the lens of ‘what’s Shadow doing now?’ and more like ‘what’s this new weird stuff?’ We’re trying to make something that sounds like cool, contemporary and heavy hitting bass music that’s between genres. Something a bit more experimental — songs as opposed to DJ tracks.”

“We didn’t want to make it a permanent thing where we’d have to wear masks at every gig or anything. We just wanted to hit people out of the blue. We wanted it to be heavy and have a sci-fi angle. We wanted to make the music we were playing, which is definitely not festival trap,” added Shadow.
He says that “sound” is something that’s hard to put a finger on. Based on the duo’s version of the beat scene and its history of beatmakers, it has “a bit of Bay Area hyphy-ness” about it.

“That’s the stuff we identify with. That’s the stuff we play. And that’s the stuff we wanted to make.”

Source: Billboard

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