Fatboy Slim – Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)Fatboy Slim Mad Flava Autograf Remi

Fatboy Slim – Mad Flava (Autograf Remix)

The Chicago trio notorious for their live marimba set up and “future soup” brand, Autograf have remixed tracks from every territory imaginable. From Alesso’s “Cool” to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” the artistic trio always find an avenue to sneakily revamp a track with their innate knowledge to re-invent their sound with each new output. Their latest remix looks towards another musical legend, Fatboy Slim, and his 2000 pioneering hit, “Mad Flava.”

An immense feat for anyone to perform justice on such a pivotal figure in dance music, Autograf put their modern flip on Slim’s mechanical compound in honor of the 15th anniversary of the album the track calls home – Halfway Between the Gutter And the Stars. Placing the industrial whips and vocal lines of “Mad Flava” on the top line, the threesome effortlessly build their signatory marimba lines and controlled breaks around one of the UK dignitary’s tantalizing classics.

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