Flosstradamus accidentally invades Carl Cox’s set at EDC NYCarlCoSpace2

Flosstradamus accidentally invades Carl Cox’s set at EDC NY

Internationally known for being the happiest DJ alive, Mr. Carl Cox has developed a cult-like following of underground purists who attend his shows for the sole purpose of entering the UK disc jockey’s world of groovy house cuts. Flosstradamus, on the other hand, guides their loyal following of HDYBOYZ and HDYGRLZ by the “turn up” mantra through their vice of filthy trap beats. Well, what do you think would happen if Flosstradamus accidentally invaded a Carl Cox show yelling at the deep-driven aficionados to “turn up”?

At EDC New York last weekend, it seemed that the mics from Carl Cox’s tent began picking up the frequencies from Flosstradamus’ show at the Cosmic Meadow, spawning a clash of dance music sub-cultures. Beginning around a minute into the video above, you can hear the words “turn up” seeping its way through the speakers at the Neon Garden. It only progresses from there until Carl Cox cuts the music at the three-minute mark to have the festival’s technicians figure out the source of the problem, and within seconds, all is well.

For some, this was just a simple misunderstanding that can be laughed about due to a mishap with the microphones. For the pretentious festival-goers who can be seen leaving Carl Cox’s show, Flosstradamus’ audio intrusion clearly ruined the Saturday night to their EDC New York experience.

H/T: Magnetic Mag

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