Flume’s ‘Some Minds’ is a blockbuster productionFlume Bbc 1 Quest

Flume’s ‘Some Minds’ is a blockbuster production

With the assistance of Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt on the vocals, Australia’s proud star Flume has debuted a new piece of music that can only be matched by the magnitude of its accompanying visual. Following the massive success of his self-titled LP, the young Harley Streten faced lofty expectations for his followup solo original pieces. “Some Minds” shatters any doubts of Harley’s creativity and tendency to innovate through hints of garage and future beat-inspired percussion. Flume’s willingness to deviate from his proven winning formula(“You and Me,” “Tennis Court”) into a deeper soundscape is impressive, and points towards exciting things to come. With the mainstream electronic music sphere’s growing infatuation with future bass, Flume has the ability to explore more refined and experimental sound – and he knows it.

Along with the track came a creative visual co-speared by Flume and Clemens Habicht filmed at the Sydney Opera House. The video features breath-taking visuals and a unique perspective on one of Australia’s most beautiful and historical buildings. With an elaborate crew behind the film’s fruition, the video locks in with the audio in a way that electronic music rarely does anymore, invoking emotion even with its minimalistic approach. Rather than simply a side piece to Flume’s new release, the video completes the way you should experience his art.

Via: Pitchfork

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