Ghostly International’s Heathered Pearls releases new track ahead of Movement this weekendHeatheredpearls Bodycomple

Ghostly International’s Heathered Pearls releases new track ahead of Movement this weekend

Ghostly International’s Heathered Pearls will be kicking off the Ghostly showcase at Movement on Sunday and has just posted a lush and sparkling slice of ambient techno bliss titled “Interior Architecture Software” from his forthcoming album Body Complex. Real name Jakub Alexander, the Polish-born producer was involved with the music industry for quite some time before deciding to actually make music himself. He helped define the forward-thinking sound of the now legendary Ghostly label while serving as its head of A&R (a position he still holds), managed Tycho and curated his renowned iso50 blog, and created a net-based electronica label called Moodgadget before releasing tracks on Ghostly in 2011.

“Interior Architecture Software” opens with a melodic chord progression and builds with some clicking percussion before a gently thumping kick drum propels the track forward and subtly stimulates the ears and brain. Alexander cites afterhours in his mid-teens as the main influence for the sound of his album, stating, “I remember those mornings better than the holidays during those years, the drives home from Detroit at 7AM were always stimulating. Everyone was so content, we’d usually listen to something deep and easy on the ears. This was a perfect time to let your mind wander.” This is the perfect track to wind down your night/morning with. Be sure to catch Heathered Pearls and the rest of the mighty Ghostly crew at the Ghostly International Showchase this Sunday at Movement!

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