The Glitch Mob remixes Metallica for official X Games anthemMetallica The Glitch Mob Remi

The Glitch Mob remixes Metallica for official X Games anthem

Metallica has received a full-fledged electronic makeover, and it’s actually awesome.

Remixing the bonafide legends of metal is no easy task, but it’s hard to think of a more fitting act for the job than The Glitch Mob. The Los Angeles trio have built their namesake fusing the heaviest elements of bass music with an authentic, rock-centric approach. Still channeling the momentum of Love Death Immortality, The Glitch Mob appear in top form for their new rendition of Metallica’s “Lords of Summer.”

Rather than sacrifice the feel of the original track, the trio have amplified Metallica’s single to new heights. Reconstructing the gritty lead and beefing up the production entirety, The Glitch Mob’s new remix is the ultimate rock-electronic crossover. Quite fittingly, the track has been selected as the official anthem of the X Games Austin 2015, where Metallica, Nicki Minaj, & The GlitchMob will headline.

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