Horixon – Hold It Like I Own It feat. Maya (Original Mix & Remixes)Horion

Horixon – Hold It Like I Own It feat. Maya (Original Mix & Remixes)

London-based duo Horixon shine with their latest release: a fresh and melancholic indie-dance number titled “Hold It Like I Own It” featuring chilling vocals by Maya. If you listen carefully, the tune’s lyrics impart a haunting desperation when sung in Maya’s soft, fragile voice, belying the song’s otherwise upbeat and pop-y characteristics. Released on Eskimo Recordings forthcoming compilation, The Orange Collection, “Hold It Like I Own It” comes accompanied by remixes from Australian producer This Soft Machine and Icelandic up-and-comer Hermigervill.

For his rework, This Soft Machine adds in funky guitar riffs, synths and percussion for a groovy, disco sound reminiscent of styles popularized by Debbie Deb and Lipps, Inc. Hermigervill, on the other hand, opts for a more atmospheric sound that stays true to the original while occasionally dipping into ethereal waves of melody and chunky rhythm sequences. All versions of “Hold It Like I Own It” are out now via Eskimo Recordings.